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Check That Bait!

In Scripture, there is a parallel between soul winning and fishing. Jesus called to those who would be His disciples, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Mark 1:17) Now, I am by no means a fisherman, but there are a few things I’ve picked up on in my few excursions.

First, I have learned that the type of bait you use is important for what you are trying to catch. You might use Ribbon Fish or Ballyhoo if you’re trying to catch something relative to a Mackerel, or mid-ranged predatory fish. You would use Cigar Minnows and drop them straight down as you try and hook a Snapper. I say this because fish have an appetite for a certain type of bait, just like the lost have an appetite for a certain type of teaching. However, just like with the fish, you have to know what to use. What approaches, what methods, things of that nature.

Second, I have learned that it is worth while to check your bait. You might have your line dropped and feel a tug and think “ah well, it’s just the bop of the weight on there.” Well, it isn’t going to hurt you to reel in and take a look! You might reel up and fine your bait is gone or that a chunk has been bit out of it. The point in saying this is sometimes we put out our bait for our evangelistic efforts and people grab it and go, or take a chunk out and scurry on, and then we end up missing out on good opportunities. We have to be checking! Don’t let a good shot be a miss.

I know these are simply thoughts here, but they relate. I hope you keep looking at your evangelism. Happy Fishing!

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