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Heaven Will Be Worth It All

In 1 Kings 10:1-10, the kingdom of Solomon is visited by a very important guest, the Queen of Sheba. The queen came with an understanding of how beautiful Solomon's kingdom was; she had heard the far-reaching report of its immense beauty. Still, despite what she heard, the queen had this to say, "the half has not even been told." The kingdom was far more beautiful than any glowing words could have described. Such is the case for heaven.

Heaven is the most beautiful place beyond our words and imaginations. Such beauty is treasured, not merely because of its marks but because of its cost. Heaven is a beautiful place that comes at great cost. Heaven demands our sacrifice, suffering, and service, all of which are very much worth it.

Heaven is worth all our sacrifice. Jesus made this clear when speaking to a curious bunch of disciples in Matthew 19:27-30. Just before this, a rich young man walked away from the hope of heaven due to his love of riches. Those who had left all were curious - the Lord quelled their curiosities with the truth: gaining heaven is like receiving 100-fold of all sacrificed.

Heaven is worth all our suffering. In Matthew 5:10-12, Jesus made this known in His first public sermon. As the reward of the suffering prophets is great, so is the reward of all who suffer for Christ. This served to remain as the disciple's confidence (Acts 5:41).

Heaven is worth all our service. In Matthew 10:40-42, Jesus was sending out His sheep among wolves. He assured them that no matter what is done for the will of God, both great and small, all will be rewarded in the end.

Sometimes, these are just the reminders we need. Yes, we sacrifice. Yes, we suffer. Yes, we serve. Just as true as these realities are, so is this - we have a reward that is worth it all.
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