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Reflection From My Time On The Sea

Recently I had the opportunity to go and spend some time in the Gulf with Chris, and it was a great time. We were scooting right along, practically skipping like a rock over the waves, and the further we go out, the sooner land was gone. I think I have come to realize that one of my favorite places to be is out on the water. Each time that we go, I become more and more fascinated with God and His creation. This might not seem like much to a bunch of coastal Texans, but for a guy who spent his whole life in North Texas, the Gulf is a beautiful place. Each time we go out is a reminder to me of how great our God is and how precise His creation is. Here are a few thoughts that come to mind when thinking about being on a boat in the middle of the sea.

  1. The waves will rock, and no matter how powerful they might be, God is all the more powerful. (Matthew 8:26-27; Jeremiah 31:35; Psalm 89:9; Psalm 107:23-32)

  2. God was exceeding precise in His creation. (Job 38:8-11; Jeremiah 5:22; Genesis 1:21)

  3. The sea is used as an image of the faithfulness of God to provide. (Psalm 146:6)

  4. The sea, in its depths, is an image of the forgiveness of God. (Micah 7:18-19)

  5. Man has a special value to God that I ought to be eternally mindful of. (Genesis 1:26; Psalm 8:3-4)

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