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Spiritual Lives Matter:

Each day, some untold millions pass from this life as a captive of sin.

Each day, some untold millions will leave this life was a sense of hope that is simply just a lie.

Each day, some untold millions will leave this life and continue on to the judgement where the pronouncement will be without the bias of considering genuine or willful ignorance.

Each day, some untold millions with the capability of changing a life will choose not to, out of fear or perhaps out of convenience.

Billions currently lie in wait. Billions currently stand in need. Billions currently are relying on a few million, who have the answers, to bring them to a home with their Creator.

We cannot sit aside silently. We cannot hold our mouths over our hands. We cannot lie in watch as those adorning themselves in sheep’s clothing continue to bring searching folks into the Abyss of sin with them.

If we lie in silence, we support sin.

If we simply talk about it without action, we support sin.

He has the keys of death and hades in His hands, but He asks us to use those keys to loosen the bonds of those around us.

We must call attention to this disgraceful withholding of hope. We must act to help those who are afflicted.

“You never mentioned Him to me.” “You never fought for me.” “You never set aside your time for me.” A host of other piercing comments could be said in the end. Contend so that they are not. Contend so that the image of Christ people see is the one of the fullness of grace and truth.

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